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A fluoroscopy machine produces a constant stream of X-rays so that it works in real time, enabling the doctor to view a changing image continuously and capture pictures of the body’s structures in motion.

The Fluoroscopy x-ray machine is a table, which can tilt, with an arm coming across which delivers or detects the x-rays. Within the room there will usually be either a radiologist and a radiographer or just a radiographer and sometimes a nurse.

Examples of fluoroscopy examinations are:

  • Arthrograms – studies of joints
  • Barium studies – imaging of the bowel and stomach
  • Nerve root studies - imaging of the discs and vertebrae in the spine
  • Videofluoroscopy – used to study the mechanism of swallowing
  • Urodynamics – investigations of the urinary system

Each fluoscopy examination will need specific preparation, sometimes involving a particular diet so please contact the imaging department if you have been referred for any of these special imaging procedures.

Fluoroscopy is available at the Cardiff Bay Clinic.

To enquire about Fluoroscopy, contact the Vale Healthcare Radiology / Imaging department on 029 2083 6706.