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Health Assessments at Vale Healthcare

Health Assessments, also known as 'Health Screening', are offered at Vale Healthcare, and delivered by Nuffield Health Wellbeing, part of the Nuffield Health group.

Nuffield Health - Health assessmentsNuffield provides an advanced range of health assessments, which combine state of the art technology with specialist expertise. The health assessments give you an in-depth insight into your current state of health and gives you the means and motivation to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Which health assessment is right for me?

There are four different health assessments, (female, lifestyle, 360, 360+) availabe. Each health assessment is designed to address the specific concerns of people at different stages and ages, allowing you to choose the level of evaluation that suits you best.

Whatever your age, a Nuffield Health assessment is a great way to understand your body’s particular need's and to take concrete steps to start feeling and living better right away.

You’ll get a comprehensive review from a doctor and a physiologist as well as an action plan to make sustainable changes that will help you get more out of life.

The Health Screening packages performed at Vale Healthcare are run in partnership with Nuffield Health and Wellbeing.

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